Alvin H. Moss, MD

AAME Board of Reference

Alvin H. Moss, MD, is the Director of the Center for Health Ethics and Law and a Professor of Medicine at the Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Center of West Virginia University. He is a graduate of Harvard University and the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. He is a practicing internist, nephrologist, and palliative care specialist. His interest in medical ethics grew out of his involvement with renal dialysis and transplantation.

He was a participant in the National Leadership Training Program for Physicians in Clinical Medical Ethics at the University of Chicago supported by the Pew Charitable Trusts and the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Dr. Moss is the chairman of the Hospital Ethics Committee and medical director of the Palliative Care Consultation Service at West Virginia University Hospitals. He is the Executive Director of the West Virginia Center for End-of-Life Care and is certified by the American Medical Association's Education Program for Physicians in End-of-Life Care (EPEC). He chaired the working group of the Renal Physicians Association and the American Society of Nephrology that developed the clinical practice guideline, "Shared Decision Making in the Appropriate Initiation of and Withdrawal from Dialysis." He chaired the End-Stage Renal Disease Peer Work Group for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded national program, Promoting Excellence in End-of-Life Care, which published recommendations to the field on how to improve end-of-life care for dialysis patients.

His research interests include dialysis ethics, advance care planning, and improving care at the end of life. He and his wife Marlene have six children.

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